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Quick Hands Bola Trainer

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The Quick Hands Bola Trainer is the most effective tool on the market to develop lightning fast reactions and quick, accurate hands.

This incredibly simple and effective training tool will help integrate your primary balance components while increasing eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, ambidexterity, reaction timing and balance.

It is great for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, martial arts, boxing and any other sport or activity that involves eye-hand coordination and athletic skill. Exercises and progressions are suitable for anyone from the non-athlete to the elite. The Bola Trainer is sure to keep you sharp!

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Each Quick Hands BOLA Trainer comes with 1 BOLA Trainer and a complete instructional DVD that details both basic and advanced skills.

Therpay Pack Bundle

The Quick Hands BOLA Trainer is a simple, portable, and inexpensive tool that is a natural fit for vision, physical and occupational therapists.

This extremely effective tool is perfectly suited to therapeutic situations and for individuals who, for various reasons, do not possess high level coordination skills.

It is a convenient and effective tool for patients with vestibular, proprioceptive and orthopedic issues, those suffering from vertigo and dizziness, for seniors, and even for patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease and brain injury.

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Each BOLA Therapist's Kit contains:
A 75 page therapy specific manual with protocols, treatment exercises and relevant research. A 30 minute DVD with specific exercises and progressions for therapy, and 4 laminate charts of exercises and progressions.